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Send your entries before 10-04-2019

Rules and Regulations

  1. Follow @prs_tarang and share this image in to your story and mention any 3 of your friends.
  2. Only basic editing like colour corrections, Image enhancement are allowed.
  3. Image Manipulation, Borders, Copyright ,Signature, Watermark are not allowed in this contest.
  4. Winners are declared based on the likes, comments and a judging panel.

    1 Like = 1 Points

    1 Comment = 3 Points

  5. Each participant can submit only one entry.
  6. Autolike and like bots are not allowed in this contest, Violators will be disqualified.
  7. Each entry should contain Photographer name, Instagram ID, Mobile No. , and College Name.
  8. Entries from any camers ( Including Mobile Phones) are allowed.
  9. Participants should send their entries to [email protected]
  10. Price money 1.5K which is sponsored by Bhadra Digital Studio, Attukal , which should be give at the stage of Tarang2K19.


  1. Rahul : 8921853395
  2. Vishnu: 7907411098


Date: 13-04-2019 | Time: 12:30 PM Onwards| Venue: Jimmy George Indoor Stadium

Rules and Regulations

  1. Maximum time limit is 7 minutes.
  2. The event will be in 2 rounds.
  3. Prelims: Participants can choose any song of their choice (Irrespective of language). Karoke allowed.
  4. Finals: The finalists will have to perform Two songs.

    1.A Melody song

    2. A Fast number

  5. Final performances should only be in the regional language. Karoke can be used.
  6. 5 contestants will be shortlisted for the finals.
  7. Karoke, if any, must be submitted to the event heads prior to the event in pendrive or CD ( mp3 Format)
  8. The decision of Judges will be final.
  9. Registration fee: ₹100/head
  10. First Prize: ₹4k
  11. Second Prize: ₹2k


  1. Jijo : 9544151856
  2. Aparna : 9497032744

ADI. VEDI. PUKA. (PUBG Online Tournament)

Date: 13-04-2019 | Time: 9:00 PM & 10:00 PM| Venue: Jimmy George Indoor Stadium

Rules and Regulations

  1. Send your teammates gaming ID & phone number to the coordinator’s WhatsApp.
  2. Emulator players are not allowed.
  3. Squad will be played on Erangel & solo will be played on Sanhok.
  4. Squad matches will begin at 11 am & solo matches will begin at 12 pm.
  5. Registration fee is 100 per squad & for solo 30 per person.
  6. Prize money worth 2.5k
  7. For squad first prize is 1k & second prize is 750/-
  8. For solo there will be only first prize of 500/-
  9. Team with top kills will be awarded 250/-
  10. The prize money will increase if the number of squad registers for tournament exceed 25.


  1. Sooraj: 8921860151
  2. Rukku: 8086884118


Date: 13-04-2019 | Time: 11 AM - 12:30 PM | Venue: Jimmy George Indoor Stadium

Rules and Regulations

  1. Time limit is 4-5 minutes. Exceeding the time limit will lead to disqualification.
  2. The participants are requested to submit their tracks in mp3 format, 1 hour prior to the event (Pendrive)
  3. The participants will be judged on their song selection, costume, stage presence, expression and overall performance.
  4. Any style of dance is allowed.
  5. There is no particular theme.
  6. Any obscene/offensive music/song is not allowed
  7. Usage of fire or any form of liquids or powders that may damage the stage will lead to immediate disqualification.
  8. Registration fees : 200/- per head
  9. First Prize 3k
  10. Second Prize 1k


  1. Shine Clement :+91 96056 43989
  2. Arjun R : 9567701995


Post your entries before 11-04-2019

Rules and Regulations

  1. There is no Registration Fee
  2. All the trolls must be based on Btech life others will not get accepted or it will be marked as disqualified.
  3. All the participants must follow the Tarang fb page FB page
  4. The valuation of the trolls are strictly based on the Content, Likes & Shares obtained for the post.
  5. Any kind of malpractice such as auto liker may leads to disqualify.
  6. The troll competition will be hosted on B tech Trolls (official) facebook group FB Group
  7. Troll which secure the 1st position will get a cash prize of 1000₹. And 2nd position will get the cash prize of 500₹
  8. We will announce the winners by 12-04-19 through Btech Trolls official page & Tarang's official page.


  1. Abhijith H Nair - 9809488622
  2. Jineeb J N - 8592908657



Rules and Regulations

  1. Maximum 2 members per group
  2. Participants need to design a website with more than 4 pages based on the competition topic.
  3. Participants are not allowed to use third-party libraries including Bootstrap, Material CSS, jQuery etc..
  4. Pages need to be responsive and rendered correctly in all browsers and devices. (This will be validated in various browsers in web and mobile devices)
  5. Pre-designed templates and designs are not allowed.
  6. Students need to design a website on any one of the specified topics and send it to [email protected] with Subject- [Web-Design]-{User-ID}.
  7. The decision of the judges will be final.
  8. The first page must be your Homepage ( Should contain LOGO depicting the topic and the website name).
  9. Additional points will be awarded based on design, UI, UX etc..
  10. The competition time is 2 hrs starting from 12-04-2019 10:00 AM.
  11. The TOPIC will be published on our official website https://prstarang.com/webdesign.html 5 mins before the event starts.
  12. Registration fee is 100 per head
  13. First Prize 4k
  14. Second Prize 2k


  1. Vishnu :+91 7907411098
  2. Ajith A B : 8590846781


Post your entries before 10-04-2019

Rules and Regulations

  1. There is no Registration Fee
  2. Entries must be sent in what's app no. 7403290687
  3. Name,College name and Instagram Id must be sent along with the entry.
  4. The person sending video must be a college student.
  5. 1 like = 1 point
  6. 1 comment = 2 points
  7. Only 1 comment from a single person will be considered
  8. Prize worth ₹1.5k


  1. Shajy : 9745787922
  2. Shijithra : 9048488248
  3. Bijin :7403290687